Playmotion Music

Playmotion Music is the perfect in-class curriculum-based program to help your students stay active, engaged, and develop important educational & developmental skills through interactive music and movement!


The Playmotion Music multi-media approach enhances children’s development in many areas:
  • Self Regulation.
  • Academic Performance.
  • Social and Emotional Development.
  • English Language Development.
  • Cognitive Behavior.
  • Physical Development.
  • Explores performing arts including music, drama and dance.


Benefits of implementing Playmotion Music in your classroom:
  • Create a positive environment in the classroom.
  • Observe and complete evaluations of student development.
  • Achieve positive teacher/student interactions.


Take advantage of exclusive pricing only available to Head Start California Members

HSC has partnered with PlayMotion Music© to offer significant discounts to members so that you can use the powerful tool of interactive music and movement to enhance the development of your students in the areas of: Social and Emotional Development, Language and Literacy, Perceptual and Motor Development, Cognitive Development, Creative Thinking and Expression, Communicating through the Arts and Dramatic Play. Note: If your organization is a member of Head Start California, then you get the HSC member price (see below).


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