It is with a sense of both gratitude and sadness that Head Start California (HSC) announces the retirement of Joe Franklin, who has devoted over six years of exemplary service as the Manager of Finance and Operations.

During his tenure, Joe demonstrated exceptional leadership in overseeing the association’s financial operations, playing a pivotal role in managing the books and serving on both the audit and finance committees. His responsibilities extended to crucial areas of human resources, including the administration of employee benefits, payroll management, and the seamless onboarding of new personnel.

Joe also assumed a crucial role in the organization’s office operations, managing various aspects such as technology support, facilities services, supplies procurement, and logistics. Further, his contributions to the events team were invaluable, ensuring the smooth execution of the conference registration process and on-site check-in procedures. Attendees of HSC events likely encountered Joe at the registration check-in desk, distributing badges and providing a warm welcome to conference participants. “Joe is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. He has been a cornerstone of our team, and will truly be missed.” says Director, Member Learning & Events, Threasa Hernandez.

In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, Joe Franklin has been recognized for several notable achievements during his tenure: In 2020 at the start of the pandemic, Joe proactively sought and secured COVID-19 relief grants totaling $300K for the association. And in 2021, he played an essential role in the seamless migration of our Jobs@HeadStart jobs board to a new platform. “Joe’s ability to take any task and run with it and willingness to go above and beyond his job duties will be missed” said Melanee Cottrill, HSC Executive Director.

As Joe approaches retirement, he expressed his aspirations for a more adventurous lifestyle, remarking, “I plan to go on more hikes, bike rides, and travel. I’ve seen a lot of California, but there are many states and cities that I want to explore.” When asked about what he’ll miss the most about working at HSC, he replied, “working with the staff and volunteers. I have a lot of fun memories, especially from our time staffing HSC’s many conferences and events.”

Joe’s last day is Friday, December 15, so we encourage you to reach out to him before then if you want to wish him well! We express our sincere gratitude to Joe Franklin for his dedication and valuable contributions to Head Start California, and we wish him a fulfilling and rewarding retirement.

Joe is truly one-of-a-kind, but if you know someone who might be interested in joining our team please share this position announcement.  


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