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In a world of opinions, having the right information to make decisions matters.

It takes having the right information to stay competitive in making the best laid plans to recruit and keep great staff and leaders for your program.

The 2017 Wage and Benefit Study analyzes 53 job categories and is broken out by quartile, reported on a statewide level and by cluster whenever possible.

Your 2017 Compensation & Benefits Study Findings:

  • Has NEW REDUCED pricing
  • Includes data from more than 70 Head Start programs
  • Are based on the Office of Head Start “Guide for Conducting a Wage and Fringe    Benefits Comparability Survey”
Next Edition

The Wage and Benefit Study survey was conducted in Fall 2017, and findings were released in January 2018. For the next edition of the Wage and Benefit Study, the survey will be conducted in Fall 2019 and findings will be released in January 2020.

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Purchaser License

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About the Report

This report analyzes 53 job categories and is broken out by quartile, reported on a statewide level, by cluster whenever possible.
As well as by:

  • Agency size
  • Agency and program type
  • Demographic (urban, suburban, rural)
  • Union and non-union
  • Budget Range
  • The study devotes a full page of analysis to each of the job categories, and also reports on employee education levels, benefits and coverage patterns. Head Start California has added eight new job listings, created a new category for unionized employees, and added a section about how to apply this data to your local program.

Who Uses this Report?

  • Executive directors, program directors and COOs
  • Chief financial officers and fiscal managers
  • Human resource directors and staff
  • Compensation committees and other leadership groups
  • Compensation and benefits consultants

*The OHS Guide cautions programs against relying exclusively on local area compensation data because particular positions often compete against larger labor markets. Per OHS guidance, our California survey reported out data in categories that facilitate comparison to other programs with similar demographics (urban/rural, cost of living, size of program, region, etc.).

Additional Analysis

For programs looking to conduct specialized analysis beyond the scope of the published report, HSC’s comp analyst consultant may be contacted directly, at

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