Common Questions

What is Head Start California?

Originally incorporated in May 1995, Head Start California (HSC) is a private, non-profit, 501c3 member association supporting over 140 Head Start programs across the state. The federal investment in Head Start generates over one billion dollars annually, allowing Head Start programs in California to serve over 80,000 children and their families, and employ more than 24,000 people.

How does Head Start California support Head Start programs in the state?

We support our Head Start programs through five primary activities:

  • We advocate at the federal, state and local level to secure more funding and align federal and state policy that impact early childhood services.
  • We create professional development and training opportunities that include conferences, state and local membership meetings, leadership training and peer learning opportunities.
  • We connect the field, creating opportunities for Head Start professionals to learn, share resources, and collaborate on solving challenges.
  • We create opportunities to reduce the cost and / or improve the effectiveness or efficiency of business operations or family service programs and resources.
  • We tell the story, lifting up the power and success of Head Start.

How does my program become a member?

If you operate one or more Head Start programs, and wish to become a Head Start California member, click here. If you have further questions regarding membership, visit the contact page here to get in touch with the appropriate staff member.

I would like my business to become a Head Start program, where do I start the process?

OHS funds opportunities in individually defined service areas across the country where Head Start and Early Head Start funding becomes available. Visit the Office of Head Start page to find out more about funding opportunities here.


How can I find out if my child qualifies for Head Start?

Visit the Head Start page for the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center here.


I am a Head Start Director. How do I allow staff members at my agency to view members-only content on the website?

The Head Start CA website contains members-only content that is only visible after you login to an active account. If staff members at your organization want to view member content, follow these steps to create an account for them.



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