By: Christina Vredevoe, Senior Environmental Scientist, CDPR

Do you have something to say about the Healthy Schools Act? Now is your chance to voice your comments via our new email account,! The Healthy Schools Act (HSA) is a set of nine requirements that California public K-12 schools and licensed child care centers must comply with when they use any kind of pesticide on school grounds, including antimicrobial pesticides like bleach and disinfectant wipes. Family day care homes are exempt from this law.
Assembly Bill 2816 is a law that passed in 2018. The law directs DPR to write a legislative report that evaluates and provides recommendations for the Healthy Schools Act. The report is due to the Legislature by January 1, 2021. Our new Healthy Schools Act Legislative Report webpage has more information about AB 2816.

Throughout 2019, the DPR School and Child Care IPM Team is asking you—our stakeholders—to share your input about the Healthy Schools Act. If you can believe it, the Healthy Schools Act has been around for almost 20 years, so we’re sure you have something to say! Sharing your real-world experiences at will help us to write a better report and give practical recommendations for the Healthy Schools Act.

For information on the Healthy Schools Act history and requirements, visit the Department of Pesticide Regulation’s School & Child Care IPM website at Thank you for your participation, and for all that you do to protect the health of California’s children!


Christina Vredevoe is the Child Care IPM Specialist for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s (DPR) School & Child Care IPM Program. DPR’s School & Child Care IPM program promotes the adoption of integrated pest management in schools and child care centers and provides support for Healthy Schools Act compliance.

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