Story submitted by: Raina
Head Start coach
San Bernardino County Preschool Services

As a Head Start staff member and parent, I have been personally impacted by Head Start in a positive and progressive way. I have worked in Head Start for a little over 10 years and my son was a Head Start child. Entering as a teacher when I started in Head Start was a blessing for me. I thought I was signing up to be just a teacher and learned that Head Start was more than supporting a child’s educational development. As a comprehensive program, Head Start supported me as a first-time parent. The program taught me how to be an effective teacher and mother. The behavioral strategies I learned to work with the children who experienced trauma was exactly what I used to support my 3-year-old stepson at the time who had previously experienced trauma. When I chose to stay home for a while when I had my first son, I used the strategies and home visiting practices I learned to support our relationship and his development.

As I grew in my career with Head Start, I was promoted to a mentor-coach, then to a site supervisor and T/TA. I am currently a coach for the Early Head Start Home Base department. Getting to know the staff members more made me realize that I’m not the only one who needs to be encouraged and supported in my professional and personal life. I am a Head Start coach because I believe everyone needs a positive support system in their life. I enjoy helping others and building on their strengths to inspire them to achieve their goals. As I continue to support my “coachees”, in return, they will be able to effectively support their families. I believe all our good intentions will positively impact our world. Head Start is making a positive difference and I’m proud to be a part of the process!

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