As an association, staying connected is critical. We need to hear from our members so that we can truly act as one voice. One of the primary ways we stay connected is by ensuring that our database has the most current information regarding member agencies. That is especially true when we need for the membership to act in an official capacity.

Later this fall, the membership of the association will be asked to vote on some important changes to the organization.

  1. Name Change: As you know, the association rebranded in February of this year. However, the legal name change is still in process. It’s been recommended by our legal counsel that the association’s membership vote to officially approve this change.
  2. Changes to the Board of Directors: In July, the Board of Directors took action to amend the bylaws to strengthen their ability to govern effectively. Some of these changes require a vote by the membership.

First things first: Choose your voting member

In order to present the membership with a voting ballot on these issues, it’s critical that we ensure we have correct information from each member agency.

On Friday, Aug. 30, we sent the first roster update email. It is through the roster update that you will confirm who in your organization can vote on these matters.

If you didn’t receive the email on Aug. 30, please email us immediately at

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