What’s New in the Head Start and Early Childhood education arena? Here is a timely update to keep you in the loop!

What California can learn from universal preschool in other states
As momentum builds in California to expand early childhood education programs, the state has the opportunity to look outside its borders and learn from other states and cities that have moved in the direction of offering universal preschool. During his campaign, Governor-elect Gavin Newsom said he was “committed to universal preschool, equipping all of California’s children with the tools to succeed when they start kindergarten.” He also emphasized the need for expanding services to children 0-3 years old.
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Can California Afford Gavin Newsom’s Vision For School Kids? Here’s Your K-12 Primer For 2019
Early childhood education. A top-tier national ranking for K-12 per-pupil spending. A data system that would track kids from nursery school through state universities.
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Head Start slashes likelihood of adult poverty
One of the United States’ most successful anti-poverty measures starts very early in life: Head Start, a preschool program for disadvantaged kids, increased children’s education and significantly reduced the likelihood of adult poverty, according to a University of Michigan study.
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California education issues to watch in 2019 — and predictions of what will happen
There’s a wild card this year: Gavin Newsom. Gov. Jerry Brown, while sometimes mystical, proved to be true to his word. Newsom has made some vague promises, like a “cradle to career” education system, and President Donald Trump is messing with California’s reliance on stock profits for revenue, so 2019 could prove a forecaster’s nightmare.
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