Story submitted by: Naomi Byrdo
Head Start Alumni

In the tapestry of my life’s journey, the vibrant threads of Head Start have woven a narrative that resonates deeply within me, shaping not just who I am, but also my unwavering commitment to the world of education. As we approach celebrate Head Start Awareness Month this October, I am compelled to share a heartfelt story that encapsulates the profound impact this program has had on my family, my aspirations, and my mission to ensure quality early childhood education for all.

My story with Head Start begins with a chapter of humble beginnings. A product of Head Start myself, I vividly recall the warmth of those early learning days, where the seeds of curiosity were nurtured and the foundations of lifelong learning were laid. Those formative years instilled in me the belief that every child deserves an equitable start on their educational journey, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Yet, Head Start’s influence extended beyond my early experiences as a student. With my mother dedicating herself as a teacher in the same program that enriched my own life, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of committed educators. Her tireless efforts to create a supportive and engaging environment ignited a passion within me for interactive and experiential learning.

Today, as an education policy researcher, I am driven by the belief that every child’s potential is boundless, waiting to be unlocked by quality early childhood education. Head Start’s influence has guided me to advocate fervently for accessible learning opportunities that empower young minds, nurturing a generation of curious thinkers and resilient learners.

As Head Start California strives to increase awareness and engagement, my story becomes a testament to its transformative impact. It underscores the vital role that early childhood education plays in building a foundation for success, not just for individuals, but for our communities and society as a whole. Through my work, I aim to amplify the voices of those whose lives have been touched by Head Start, translating their experiences into policy changes that expand its reach and impact.

In this narrative, I find myself a storyteller and an advocate, driven by the belief that every child deserves a nurturing and stimulating environment in their early years. As we celebrate Head Start Awareness Month, let us share our stories, celebrate our accomplishments, and illuminate the path ahead—towards a brighter future for our children, families, and communities.


To families considering enrolling their precious ones in Head Start, I speak to you not just as an advocate but as a proud alum who once walked the same path. As an education policy researcher today, I’m a living testament to the transformative power of Head Start. This program isn’t just about early education; it’s about shaping futures, igniting potential, and creating opportunities that ripple across generations.

From the bustling classrooms to the dedicated educators, Head Start lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. As a former Head Start child and the child of a former Head Start educator, I’ve seen firsthand the unwavering commitment to nurturing curiosity, building confidence, and fostering a love for learning. The lessons learned here are not confined to textbooks; they are life lessons that shape character, resilience, and dreams.

So, to the families considering this remarkable journey, rest assured that Head Start is more than a program—it’s a family that nurtures, empowers, and believes in the boundless possibilities within every child. Enrolling your child in Head Start isn’t just a decision for today; it’s an investment in their tomorrow.



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