Census 2020 for Kids

***The U.S. Census Bureau will be moving forward with an accelerated timeline, ending self-response on Sept. 30. Read more here.



Everyone Counts Classroom Activities

Free downloadable counting exercises as well as maps, lessons on the history and importance of the census. As well as activities about the Constitution. All lesson plans and templates can be customized. Click here



Animal Census

Kids can learn the names and sounds of animals as well as work on counting. Parents/teachers can talk about how counting the right number of animals is important so they all have a place in the zoo! English | Spanish


I Count, You Count

Kiddos practice counting their friends at home or in the classroom. This helps them figure out how many things they need at home or in the classroom (chairs, crayons, etc.) EnglishSpanish


Diversity: Everyone is Special! Census Activity for Preschoolers

Students will be able to: Identify whether the number of objects in one group is bigger than, smaller than, or the same as the number of objects in another group. EnglishSpanish

Music and Videos


Everyone Counts Song

Includes sheet music, instrumental and sing-along versions. Goes along with the storybook. Download the Storybook PDF  |  Click here


Everyone Counts Singalong Song

Use this singalong video to encourage young children to join in and learn the words to a fun song that will help them understand the 2020 Census and the importance of counting everyone. Appropriate for use by parents and teachers with preschool children and students in grades K-2. Click below:

Make Your Family Count: Census 2020 | Sesame Street PSA

Join the Count in making your family count this year in Census 2020.

Calvin’s Census Trivia

In a fun and interactive format, this video engages student viewers with 2020 Census-related trivia questions. Students and educators are encouraged to play along in their classrooms.

 Getting An Accurate Count – 2020 Census

This fun, animated video builds on simple concepts like counting and school attendance roll calls to explain the 2020 Census and its importance.




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